Flame Chemistry in the ISO/TS 19700 Steady State Tube Furnace

Peck, Gabrielle and Hayes, Ryan (2023) Flame Chemistry in the ISO/TS 19700 Steady State Tube Furnace. Fire . (Submitted)

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.20944/preprints202311.1249.v1


The steady state tube furnace (SSTF) (ISO/TS 19700) was used to assess the effects altering the reaction zone of a flame had on smoke toxicity measurements. The gas inlet of the apparatus was modified to allow for a mixture of nitrogen and air to be introduced into the system. The volume of air used in each test remained at 2 L min-1 , and additional volumes of nitrogen were varied between tests altering the total volume of gas used in the primary gas inlet. The chosen conditions were representative of under-ventilated flaming by using a restricted oxygen environment. The research shows that the increase in volume flow of gas over a sample increased the smoke toxicity of the materials tested (CO and HCN). When increasing the volume of the primary air-flow through the tube furnace, the flow causes thinning of the flame zone in the apparatus and results in gaseous species spending less time in the reaction zone, resulting in less time available for chemical reactions to occur. This resulted in less complete combustion occurring, and hence an increased yield of measured products of incomplete combustion (CO and HCN), and a decreased yield of products of complete combustion (CO2).

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