Performance of green high-strength concrete incorporating palm oil fuel ash in harsh environments

Zeyad, Abdullah M., Johari, Megat Azmi Megat, Aliakbar, Ali, Magbool, Hassan M., Majid, Taksiah A. and Aldahdooh, Majid (2024) Performance of green high-strength concrete incorporating palm oil fuel ash in harsh environments. Materials Science-Poland, 41 (4). pp. 24-40. ISSN 2083-1331

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The corrosion of steel reinforcement by chloride is commonly recognized as a key factor that contributes to the degradation of durability in reinforced concreae structures. Using supplementary cementitious materials, such as industrial and agricultural waste materials, usually enhances the impermeability of the concrete and its corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and sulfate resistance. This study’s primary purpose is to examine the effects of replacing ordinary Portland cement (OPC) with ultrafine palm oil fuel ash (U-POFA) on the corrosion resistant performance of high-strength green concrete (HSGC). There were four HSGC mixes tested; the first mix contained 100% OPC, while the other mixes replaced OPC mass with 20%, 40%, and 60% of U-POFA. The performance of all HSGC mixes containing U-POFA on workability, compressive strength, porosity, water absorption, impressed voltage test, and mass loss was investigated at 7, 28, 60, and 90 days. Adding U-POFA to mixes enhances their workability, compressive strength (CS), water absorption, and porosity in comparison with mixes that contain 100% OPC. The findings clearly portrayed that the utilization of U-POFA as a partial alternative for OPC significantly enhances the corrosion-resistant performance of the HSGC. In general, it is strongly advised that a high proportion of U-POFA be incorporated, totaling 60% of the OPC content. This recommendation is the result of its significance as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective green pozzolanic material. Hence, it could contribute to the superior durability performance of concrete structures, particularly in aggressive environmental exposures. Highlights: The corrosion resistance performance of high-strength green concrete was investigated. Ultrafine palm oil fuel ash as a partial alternative of cement mass with 20%, 40%, and 60% was used. HSGC performance was evaluated in terms of workability, compressive strength, water absorption, porosity, impact stress testing, and mass loss.

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