A Value Driven Framework for Cybersecurity Innovation in Transportation & Infrastructure

Alevizos, Lampis, Bhakuni, Lalit and Jaschke, Stefan (2024) A Value Driven Framework for Cybersecurity Innovation in Transportation & Infrastructure. (Submitted)

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2405.07358


This paper introduces a value-driven cybersecurity innovation framework for the transportation and infrastructure sectors, as opposed to the traditional market-centric approaches that have dominated the field. Recontextualizing innovation categories into sustaining, incremental, disruptive, and transformative, we aim to foster a culture of self-innovation within organizations, enabling a strategic focus on cybersecurity measures that directly contribute to business value and strategic goals. This approach enhances operational effectiveness and efficiency of cyber defences primarily, while also aligns cybersecurity initiatives with mission-critical objectives. We detail a practical method for evaluating the business value of cybersecurity innovations and present a pragmatic approach for organizations to funnel innovative ideas in a structured and repeatable manner. The framework is designed to reinforce cybersecurity capabilities against an evolving cyber threat landscape while maintaining infrastructural integrity. Shifting the focus from general market appeal to sector-specific needs, our framework provides cybersecurity leaders with the strategic cyber-foresight necessary for prioritizing impactful initiatives, thereby making cybersecurity a core business enabler rather than a burden.

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