Other Everests: One mountain, many worlds.

Westaway, Jonathan, Hansen, Peter and Gilchrist, Paul, eds. (2024) Other Everests: One mountain, many worlds. Manchester University Press (MUP), Manchester. ISBN 978-1-5261-7916-6 (In Press)

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A hundred years after the tragic 1924 British Everest expedition, this collection explores the wider social and cultural history of the mountain.

Mount Everest looms large in the popular imagination. Since the deaths of mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine in 1924, histories of the mountain have overwhelmingly focused on the mythologies of western male adventure and conquest. But there are many more stories waiting to be told.

Other Everests brings together new voices and perspectives on the historical and cultural significance of Everest in the modern world. The book shines a light on the overlooked role of local people and high-altitude workers, while also revealing the significant contributions women have made to climbing the mountain and writing its history. It explores the depiction of Everest in a range of media and investigates how the forces of nationalism and commercialism have shaped many different 'Everests'.

After years of exploitation, Indigenous people are now reclaiming Mount Everest in the twenty-first century. Other Everests re-examines the past and present of the world's highest peak, presenting an exciting vision of what Everest might become in the future.

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