A strategic perspective for managing socio-technical systems: the missing link

John, Godfaurd orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-5016-5909 (2009) A strategic perspective for managing socio-technical systems: the missing link. COBRA 2009 - RICS construction and building research conference . ISSN 9781842195192

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Most man-made systems around us are mainly socio-technical systems. As such it is imperative that to manage such systems effectively we need to understand their properties at both the micro and macro level and the holistic functioning of such systems. Such an approach is important in understanding the emergent properties that are exhibited by such system. We already have been delving into the micro level and the intricacies of the different subsystems without actually having the broader view of the whole system. This current approach came from the fact that
reductionism is the ‘mantra’ of our scientific nature and endeavours, and dictates how a problem is solved. In this paper a strategic approach is put forward, making use of the force field theory as a necessary missing component for designing and managing socio-technical systems. With
this proposed strategic approach the true understanding of solving these emergent properties will be reinforced with what we already know and also help in solving some disorder exhibited in these systems, without creating more uncertainties. This paper sets out the framework and its
usefulness to understanding the socio-technical systems around us.

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