News release: Spaceships, Little Green Men and The Bermuda Triangle

Media and Promotion Office (2002) News release: Spaceships, Little Green Men and The Bermuda Triangle. Other. University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Preston.

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We have always been intrigued by the idea of aliens visiting this planet and countless
stories have been told over the years about extra-terrestrial visitors making works of
art that can only be viewed from the sky, crop circles, and close encounters.
Well, Astronomer Professor Donald Kurtz will look at UFOs and Life in the Universe
at a public lecture to be held at the University of Central Lancashire on Wednesday 11
December at 7pm. Professor Kurtz is a member of the University's Centre for
Astrophysics and a popular speaker around the world on his subject. His colourful
talks are enthralling for the enthusiast and amateur alike and he delivers his lectures
with more than a smattering of humour.
About this talk he says:
"Did a UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico in the early 1950s? Yes!
Did the US military get it? Yes!
Have they covered this up? Yes!
Do ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda triangle? Yes!
But my fellow scientists and I do not believe that aliens in space ships
have visited the Earth.
Find out why and hear about the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in
the universe.
Find out what really happened at Roswell. "
Tickets for the lecture are free but early application is recommended, as they are very
Please call Jodi McNeillie at the University of Central Lancashire on 01772 892347 to
request tickets.
18 November, 2002-11-15

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