End to End Adaptation for the Web - Matching Contect to Client Connections

Getchell, Kristopher, Bateman, Martin, Allison, Colin and Miller, Alan (2005) End to End Adaptation for the Web - Matching Contect to Client Connections. In: 2nd International Conference on E-business and Telecommunication Networks, 3-7 October 2005, Reading, UK.

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Official URL: http://www.icete.org/ICETE2005/ICETE2005_abstracts...


The size and heterogeneity of the Internet means that the bandwidth available for a particular download may range from many megabits per second to a few kilobits. Yet Web Servers today provide a one size fits all service and consequently the delay experienced by users accessing the same Web Page may range from a few milliseconds to minutes. This paper presents a framework for making Web Servers aware of the Quality of Service that is likely to be available for a user session, by utilizing measurements of past traffic conditions. The Web Server adapts the fidelity of content delivered to users in order to control the delay experienced and thereby optimize the browsing experience. Where high bandwidth connectivity and low congestion exist high fidelity content will be delivered, where the connectivity is low bandwidth or the path congested lower fidelity content will be served and delay controlled.

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