Constructing a portfolio: Issues from the training of black practice teachers

Burke, Beverley and Wainwright, John Peter orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-8190-0144 (1996) Constructing a portfolio: Issues from the training of black practice teachers. Social Work Education, 15 (2). pp. 90-108. ISSN 0261-5479

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We wish to share with trainers, practice teachers and others who are interested in the area of practice teaching our experience of training a Black practice teachers group. Our task was to provide a series of learning opportunities that would enable practice teachers to apply learning gained from the course and their involvement in practice teaching to the construction of a portfolio. The resulting portfolio would provide evidence of the practice teachers' ability to meet CCETSW's 14 requirements.

This paper examines the process of training. Four discrete areas will be looked at: planning the course, its delivery, review/evaluation, and conclusion/pointers.

From this examination we wish to contribute to the continuing debate regarding the training of practice teachers, but more specifically to look at the issues that have arisen in an all Black forum. As trainers, we had the difficult and challenging task of attempting to translate the positive experience of the learning the candidates had gained on the programme into something more concrete. Constructing the portfolio to meet the requirements of paper 26.3 (CCETSW, 1991a) was the task, and we both viewed the Aim of the training sessions as ensuring the candidates had a rudimentary grasp of the major pitfalls in attempting this, and the essential ingredients that were needed, if this exercise was to be successful for them.

This paper then, is a critical reflection of our attempts to do this. Before the events of the two days are unravelled, it is important to locate ourselves as trainers and the values that we hold.

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