Food and Drink in Archaeology 3

Collard, David, Morris, James orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-5756-0362 and Perego, Elisa (2012) Food and Drink in Archaeology 3. Prospect Books, Nottingham. ISBN 978-1-903018-78-1

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Topics covered include: Psychoactive consumption in Cypriot Bronze Age mortuary ritual; food consumption and ritual at the Early Iron Age tholos cemetery of Moni Odigitria, south-east Greece; elite ideology and feasting practices in Early Iron Age Greece; intoxicating drinks and drunkards in ancient Indian art and literature; sixteenth-century polemics about cold-drinking; food in prehistoric coastal southern Brazil; the deceased as metaphorical food in Iron Age Veneto; food diversity in Mesolithic Scotland; ritualized feasting goods from Norwegian graves; feasting and the state in Uruk Mesopotamia; prehistoric spoons.

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