News release: The weird and the wonderful!

Media and Promotion Office (2002) News release: The weird and the wonderful! Other. University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Preston.

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The people of Preston should prepare to be amazed - once again - at the stunning
illustrations and mind-boggling images, to be presented to them at the next lecture by
Professor Donald Kurtz at the University of Central Lancashire.
Between Fire and Ice, the second lecture in the University's public lecture series, will be
held on Wednesday 20 February at 7.30pm. Professor Kurtz invites you to take an
illustrated tour to see how our fragile Earth is delicately balanced between the fiery
nuclear inferno at the heart of the Sun and the icy frigidity of the outer solar system. See
continent-sized canyons, gigantic volcanoes, a pure ice cliff higher than Mt Everest and a
place so cold that the air freezes and falls to the ground as snow. Hear about asteroid
impacts, Earth-crossing asteroids and the death of the dinosaurs. Learn about the
runaway greenhouse effect on Venus and the ultimate heat death of our own beautiful
blue planet, Earth. "But", he says, "don't panic - we still have a few billion years left."
Professor Kurtz, from the University's Centre for Astrophysics, is an internationally
recognised expert in the field of astrophysics and has impressed audiences all over the
world with his dynamic lectures and presentations of stunning images. His previous
lecture, Big and Beautiful: the Latest and Greatest hits of the Hubble Space Telescope,
captivated a capacity audience at the University back in September.
The lecture is open to the public and tickets are free. For more information, please
contact the Media and Promotion Office at the University of Central Lancashire, tel:
01772 892486.
25 Jan nary 2002
Note: Professor Kurtz will be available for interview on Tuesday 29 January or Thursday
31 January. Please contact Pam Culley in the Media and Promotion Office on tel: 01772

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