Molybdenum disulphide/titanium low friction coating for gears application

Amaro, R.I., Martins, R.C., Seabra, J.O., Renevier, Nathalie orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-2471-7236 and Teer, D.G. (2005) Molybdenum disulphide/titanium low friction coating for gears application. Tribology International, 38 (4). pp. 423-434. ISSN 0301679X

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Multi-layer composite surface coatings made of MoS2/titanium, exhibit good mechanical and tribological properties in several industrial applications. Its applicability to industrial gears is discussed in this work. Several tests, like Rockwell indentations, ball cratering, pin-on-disc and reciprocating wear tests, were performed in order to evaluate the adhesion to the substrate and the tribological performance of this coating. Twin-disc tests, performed at high-contact pressure and high-slide-to-roll ratios, confirmed the good adhesive and tribological properties of the MoS2/titanium coating and left good indications about the applicability of the MoS 2/titanium coating to gears. Scuffing gear tests were performed in the FZG machine in order to evaluate the anti-scuffing performance of this coating. Finally, the MoS2/titanium coating was applied to the gearing in a gearbox and its influence on the gearbox efficiency was studied

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