Multifunctional Graphene/Platinum/Nafion Hybrids via Ice Templating

Estevez, Luis, Kelarakis, Antonios, Gong, Qianming, Da’as, Eman Husni and Giannelis, Emmanuel P. (2011) Multifunctional Graphene/Platinum/Nafion Hybrids via Ice Templating. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (16). pp. 6122-6125. ISSN 0002-7863

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We report the synthesis of multifunctional hybrids in both films and bulk form, combining electrical and ionic conductivity with porosity and catalytic activity. The hybrids are synthesized by a two-step process: (a) ice templation of an aqueous suspension comprised of Nafion, graphite oxide, and chloroplatinic acid to form a microcellular porous network and (b) mild reduction in hydrazine or monosodium citrate which leads to graphene-supported Pt nanoparticles on a Nafion scaffold.

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