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Karen Whittaker

Reader in Child and Family Health

School of Health

Health Visiting, Community Child Health, Workforce, Qualitative methods, Parenting self-efficacy, Parenting programmes, Service user involvement

Cowley S, Whittaker K A, Malone M, Donetto S, Grigulis A, Maben J (2014) Why health visiting? Examining the potential public health benefits from health visiting practice within a universal service: a narrative review of the literature. International Journal of Nursing Studies. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2014.07.013; Whittaker, K. (2014) Supporting parents and parenting practices: The health visiting context. Journal of Health Visiting 2 (5): 250-259; Whittaker K., Browne K. (2014) Health visiting: standing the test of time and informing a new generation of home visiting in Eastern Europe. Community Practitioner. 87(6):36-37; Whittaker K., Peckover S. (2014) Inaugural meeting a success for North of England Research Group. Journal of Health Visiting 2 (3):118; Whittaker, K. Cox, P. Thomore...

BN (1st Class Hons), with RGN and HVCert, University of Manchester; MSc (Masters by Nursing Research) University of Manchester; PGCE and PGCE research supervision UCLan; PhD Nursing: King’s College London. Title: A realistic evaluation of how parents experience the process of formal parenting support.

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