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Janine Arnott

Senior Research Fellow

School of Health

Children's medicines and health policy

Janine has a background in health and social policy with a special interest in children’s health policy. Within this broad research interest Janine has a special interest in: 1. Paediatric medicines management and safety; especially adverse drug reactions and errors and parent and public perceptions of medicines and vaccines. 2. Pain and sedation, including pain assessment, management and medication. 3. Complex disabilities, including autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) Janine is Chair of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Special Interest Group for the Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Clinical Network and is also a member of the Paediatric Medicines Research Unit and the Acceptable Paediatric Medicines Working Group in Liverpool. Janine has experience in a range of research memore...

B.Soc.Sci (Hons) in Social Policy (2002) MRes (Distinction) Health and Social Research Methods (2003) PhD "The Social Construction of Vaccine Controversies" (2007)

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Latest Additions

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