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Henrik Andersen

Senior Lecturer

Lancashire Law School

WTO law, International economic law, International rule of law, China-EU legal relationship, Constitutionalization of international law, International dispute settlement

Henrik Andersen studied Commercial Law and Business Administration at BSc and MSc level at Copenhagen Business School. After graduation, he worked with public law at the Danish Energy Agency before he returned to Copenhagen Business School in order to work on his PhD project; “EU Dumping Determinations and WTO Law”. He was awarded the PhD degree in 2008 and continued his career at the Law Department at Copenhagen Business School as Post.Doc., Assistant Professor, and finally as Associate Professor until he in 2014 joined Lancashire Law School as Lecturer in Law. Henrik Andersen’s research concerns law of the World Trade Organization, International Dispute Settlement, International Rule of Law, Constitutionalisation of International Law, Legal Cultures, and EU-China Trade relationships. more...

Assistant Professor Programme in Teaching and Pedagogical Competence, Copenhagen Business School, 2011 Ph.D. World Trade Organization and European Union Law, Copenhagen Business School, 2008 M.Sc. Commercial Law and Business Administration, 2001 B.Sc. Commercial Law and Business Administration, 1998

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Latest Additions

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