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Image Credit Header image: Artwork by Professor Lubaina Himid, CBE. Photo: @Denise Swanson

Renuka Thakore

Researcher & Lecturer

Systems-thinking, Built Environment Practices, Sustainability

Dr Renuka Thakore is the Founder of Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnership Network that is established to contribute towards Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 targets. She provides an innovative and transdisciplinary partnerships and capacity development platform international research and innovation platform for early career researchers joined by senior experienced researchers from Global South and Global North. Dr Thakore believes in broader sustainable development concept and uses multi-dimensional lens (social, economic, environmental, political, institutional, cultural, and technological) of sustainability, innovations, and theoretical framings to address the problems of societal systems and propagate this through various activities – research, teaching, and practimore...


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