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Takedown Policy


The University safeguards inadvertent inclusion of infringing material by undertaking to remove any work that is found to violate the intellectual property rights of a third party. Any claims or statements regarding copyright ownership or other legal arrangements made by authors in the process of upload will be taken at face value by the repository staff.

If any complaints received by the repository manager from the owner, of intellectual property rights vested in a work held on CLoK, or their representative, claiming infringement of those rights, the infringing work will be immediately removed from public view pending investigation. Complaints may include notice of:

Complaints should be sent in writing, by letter to:

The Repository Manager, Research Office, UCLan, Preston, PR1 2HE;

Or by email to: clok@uclan.ac.uk

Correspondence should include preferred mail or email contact details of the complainant, specify the work which is the subject of the complaint and the grounds for the complaint with as much supporting information as is reasonable to include.

Upon receipt of the complaint the Repository Manager will:

The Repository Manager will spend a reasonable amount of time attempting to resolve the problem by mediating between the complainant and the depositor of the work. If a resolution can be found through mediating between the parties, this will be initiated through one of the following actions:

Bibliographic metadata will remain on the repository as a permanent trace. If no resolution is reached at this stage, access to the work will remain restricted and the complaint will be escalated according to UCLan legal procedures and governance.