About the Dissertation Archive



Purpose of the Dissertation Archive

The intention is to provide a more cost effective storage solution which also allows the school to use student dissertations to inform teaching. The sophistication of the eprints access control in managing embargos and restricting access to full-text without compromising the preservation of the digital object is ideal to protect the rights and interests of students’, ensure the preservation and findability of the materials and ensure staff can access dissertations as they needed to inform and monitor teaching.

This platform would allow:

Who can Access the dissertations?

Bibliographic metadata will be available to be searched, but some fields will be restricted. Access to full text may be restricted to School staff making the deposits, and repository staff. Access criteria is set and administered by the Schools depositing the material individually.

Who can deposit dissertations?

Members of school staff are designated to deposit and administer access to dissertations. Contact Repository Services at CLoK@uclan.ac.uk information relating to your School.

Which dissertations will I find?

Deposit policies are set by each School. Contact Repository Services at clok@uclan.ac.uk for information relating to your School.

Copyright information

Copyright in these dissertations is held by students and the University of Central Lancashire is licenced to store, manage access, distribution and preservation by the student, within specific limits. This licence is administered through the School identified with the dissertations in partnership with LIS repository services. Some dissertations available on this archive are restricted. Access to these dissertations is by request only and may be refused.

More information

For more information about the Dissertation Archive or the Repository services at UCLAN please contact clok@uclan.ac.uk.