About the Exam papers Archive

Purpose of the Exam Papers Archive

There is a demand for past examination papers to be readily available to students and staff on demand as a preparation for setting and taking their own assessments . There is also a need for such a collection to be preserved with managed access and deposit with a sophisticated search and release mechanism. This pattern of demand is best met by a digitised archive mounted on the eprints repository platform.

This platform would allow:

Who can Access the exam papers?

This is a pilot period for the main service. During this time access to the full text of the papers is available only to staff of the University of Central Lancashire. Once any issues and problems have been sorted the archive will be made available to students registered at UCLAN. Any external viewers will only be able to see descriptions of the papers. The URL of the archive will be advertised internally only, the main route to the exam papers will be via links on eLearn.

Who can deposit exam papers?


Which exam papers will I find?


Copyright information

Copyright in these papers is held by the University of Central Lancashire and administered through the School identified with the papers. Access to these papers is on the understanding that any copies or downloads are for personal use only connected with a current course of academic study at the University of Central Lancashire. Multiple copies should not be made or distributed by any means (neither physical nor electronic). Any reuse, inside or outside the University of Central Lancashire, and for commercial or non-commercial purposes, is prohibited without specific permission from the owning School.

More information

For more information about the Exam Papers Archive or the Repository services at UCLAN please contact clok@uclan.ac.uk