Bottled drinking water in Oman: a critical review

Al-Farsi, Mashael Salim (2014) Bottled drinking water in Oman: a critical review. [Dissertation]

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Bottled water defined as drinking water packaged in different sizes and shape of plastic or glass bottles produced from several water resources such as well, distilled, mineral or spring water, it may have get some chemical or physical treatment in order to be useable for domestic demand. However, recently the use and sale of bottled water have risen rapidly and the demand is increasing significantly which may have negatively affects on human health due to chemical substance leaches into filled water. As well plastic bottles may create some environment impact result of plastic waste.
Many people prefer bottled water instead of tap water and that may increase day by day which perhaps help to rise up this industry production. Many studies (Doria F, (2006) and (, (2005)) have shown that bottled water consumers believe that water in bottles is more convenient, safer and has better taste with good quality than tap water.
The dissertation scope on Bottled Water Industry in Oman and going to covers bottled water production and consumption in the country including its health and safety adverse effect on human and environment surrounding. Here the study identified and evaluated some information associated with why Omani people are prefer consume bottled water over than other types. As well the project involves some important objective related to bottled water management in the country and determines the current state of its plastic waste system.
In addition, the dissertation takes into account the plastic materials that are used in bottled water manufacturing, as it involve general and specific questionnaire to public and authorities bodies to stimulate their understanding on bottled water case. Many sources used to collect the topic information like literature reviews, questionnaire survey, interviews with authority bodies, public, websites, newspapers and some regulations. Some information analyzed by graphical techniques.

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