A structured framework to electrified rural india with solar energy.

Kakadiya, Ravi, N (2016) A structured framework to electrified rural india with solar energy. [Dissertation]

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Renewable energy is a very crucial topic nowadays. The world is being aware of, how non-renewable energy has ruined the environment and the effects of such damage to the environment have also seen in past few decades. People are being aware of renewable energy and world leaders are making efforts to slow down the energy production with non-renewable sources. Here, as the research is about India, the solar energy has discussed mostly because of the easy and efficient availability of solar energy in India. India is facing another problem with demand-supply gap in electricity consumption. The demand is at its peak but the production is not enough to meet the demand. In that case, solar electricity with decentralised electricity supply system, makes the scenario better for India. Interviews and case studies have adopted for the research. In which, 10 samples have interviewed and 2 case studies have done for the research purpose. Due to limitation of available time, instead of face-to-face interviews, e-mails have used for correspondence. In conclusion from the research adopted, it is possible for India to go with the solar electricity, however, the solar electricity supply system might be proved a bit costly because of its current non-competitive stage. The decentralisation has its own limitations, the government can apply decentralised model of electricity supply by empowering the village, but it should be done in a specific manner so that the earlier stage damage can be minimised or eliminated.

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