Planning in construction project management: the spanish paradigm.

Lorenzo, Rafael, M, R (2016) Planning in construction project management: the spanish paradigm. [Dissertation]

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Given the adverse times facing the construction industry in Spain partly caused by the impact of the global crisis, which has bankrupted 90% of small and medium-sized companies that encompassed this sector, there have been developed this study in order to find out what were the main causes that have led to this collapse, for through analysis and appraisal, determine solutions to give back construction to the peak of profitable business, through the development of a construction project management best practice guide for construction organisations, based on good practices in planning management. To achieve this aim it has been conducted a thorough literature study to analyse and understand the leading causes of this situation, and then an appraisal of this data using semi-structured questionnaires sent to professionals belonging to organisations in this sector, which information was contrasted with literary findings by descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. Through this process, there have been reliably identified the major challenges facing the construction organisations, the obstacles for proper planning and possible solutions to be applied to each particular issue to resolve them.

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