Collaborative working in Speech-Language Pathology – A European study

Axiak, Sonia Azzopardi, Westerbring, Susanne, Raudsalu, Veronika, Roddam, Hazel orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-0637-1801, Smolander, Sini, Fosser, Randi, Peeva, Maria, Sachova, Irena, Salamoni, Daria Hercigonja et al (2015) Collaborative working in Speech-Language Pathology – A European study. In: 9th CPLOL CONGRESS Open the doors to communication, 8th & 9th May 2015, Florence Italy.

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Objective: The present study aims to explore if and how speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in Europe work collaboratively with other professions and to identify which professions and practice areas are involved, as well as benefits and challenges associated with collaborative working.

Methods: A web-based survey was designed and disseminated to SLP CPLOL representatives of all CPLOL member countries to explore collaborative working practices.

Results: A total of 27 European countries responded to the survey. This study revealed that SLPs all over Europe are working collaboratively as part of multidisciplinary teams, in both health and education sectors. Overlapping roles and competencies exist between SLPs and a broad range of other professions in a variety of different practice areas. A number of key advantages and challenges of collaborative working were identified.

Conclusions: Findings suggest that SLPs work collaboratively in multidisciplinary contexts with a range of other professions, which brings both benefits and challenges. Regulations and guidelines need to be developed to address overlapping roles and competencies between professions.

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