A social study on the effects of immigration in Croydon

Gray, D (2008) A social study on the effects of immigration in Croydon. [Dissertation]

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Immigration is a huge issue in the 21st Century. The process of the movement of
people to and from countries is the basis of much debate and controversy in the
modern world as we know it. Immigration affects us all socially in some ways, but the
question is how and why? There is no better place to study such a thing as Croydon in
South London, an area with a high level of immigrants.
The research was carried out through questionnaires, given out to the general public
of Croydon, and a focus group, both of which asked specific questions on how
immigration has affected their lives and what their views on immigration were.
The research ended up showing that the majority of people welcome those who need
our help and those who contribute. Those who do not contribute were mostly viewed
negatively upon, with most in favour of keeping such people out of the UK. Key
themes such as the acceptance of multiculturalism, and the level of national identity
were found to be significant in determining attitudes and perceptions, and things such
as personal safety and job competitiveness were found to be just some of the social
factors involved.
The research led to the conclusion that the government need to take action to restrict
access to those who do not contribute, both socially and economically.
Multiculturalism needs to be promoted, and stereotypical views need to be squashed,
as these were shown to be the main cause for people being socially affected by

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