A study of river behaviour: The effects of variables and their interrelationships

Moore, R (2008) A study of river behaviour: The effects of variables and their interrelationships. [Dissertation]

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This investigation is an investigation into the variables and their interrelationships that
may have an effect on river behaviour and morphology. There is a variety of different
variables and reasons why they can influence rivers behaviour.
The basis of the investigation is to further a previous investigation attempted by the
researcher to gain further understanding of the issues river morphology and
behaviour. It is also an attempt to put the current understanding of river morphology
and behaviour in context with the past research, such as that by Morisawa (1968) that
investigated the interrelationships between variables.
The aim of the investigation is to place into context with the past research, river
behaviour and to state whether the subject needs further investigation and to try and
give an insight into what the other affecting influences maybe, whether or not that
human influence may have an effect, especially in regards to bank erosion and
deposition. Also in investigating whether it is a single or combination of variables
may have an effect.
The overall results of the investigation may be deemed inconclusive and will require
further research. In the conclusion a general conclusion can be given into why the
results may be inconclusive and suggest ways in which this can be rectified. Overall
only general summaries can be made and hopefully fulfil the aims of the
investigation. What can be concluded is that the area studied does not completely fit
in with the past research and is can be deemed as not a true representation of river
behaviour and morphology.

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