A handbag, a bus in the desert, a glass of milk, the wings of a windmill, a hairbrush.

Mcdonald, Andrew orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-9689-2565 (2022) A handbag, a bus in the desert, a glass of milk, the wings of a windmill, a hairbrush. [Show/Exhibition]

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"We have forgotten for what reason Montgomery Clift kept an eternal silence and Janet Leigh at the Bates Motel and why Theresa Wright is still devoted to Uncle Charlie .We have forgotten that Henry Fonda is not completely guilty and why exactly did the American government employ Ingrid Bergman....but we remember a handbag a bus in the desert, a glass of milk, a windmill's blades, a hair brush, a row of bottles, a pair of glasses, a musical score and a bunch of keys"
Jean Luc Godard
It's a funny thing going to the cinema during the day, especially if it is a warm sunny day . You go in, you are immersed in the film. When you come out into the bright sunlight, it is almost like emerging from a dream; you remember things from film, but you can’t remember what time it is. You are disorientated, as if you have just woken up in a strange place or on a train journey or in a classroom.
Godard’s quote talks about what we remember from films It is the same with dreams, we remember the details, certain people, places, scenarios, our emotions but the whole narrative eludes us. Remembering bits of dream can happen immediately after you wake up or they can unfold as the day goes on, but it is never a consistent narrative. Remembering you've dreamt then remembering the dream.
Dreams are personal affairs, whether it's when we are sleeping or when we are daydreaming during the daylight hours. To be referred to as a dreamer is to be called out as weak-minded, unserious, directionless, but at the same time psychiatrists and psychoanalysts tell us that dreams are essential for our mental wellbeing, providing balance for a subconscious.
Daydreaming allows us to attack our aspirations that in the cold light of day may seem impossible and may very well be impossible. But at the same time, they may not be. Dreaming these scenarios allows us to rehearse success, As Gore Vidal said, “I’m only interested in other people’s photographs and dreams that I am in”. So maybe we should keep our dreams to ourselves.

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