An Innovative Solution to Collect Touch DNA for Direct Amplification

Alketbi, Salem Khalifa orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-7773-3953 (2022) An Innovative Solution to Collect Touch DNA for Direct Amplification. Journal of forensic sciences & criminal investigation, 16 (1). 001-004.

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Touch DNA Profiling is a commonly used tool to link suspects to their crimes, but it is often challenging compared to other types of DNA evidence, such as blood and saliva, because it is usually found in minute quantities. Using direct amplification techniques to avoid sample extraction and quantification during the DNA profiling process can help preserve DNA loss. Therefore, this study explored an innovative solution to collect blood, saliva and Touch DNA using a cotton swab in combination with a microFLOQ® swab (CS+MF) for direct amplification to preserve the collected samples for re-analysis or additional testing. The allele recovery rate was 100% for blood and saliva samples, and 84% for trace samples, with a considerable difference in the average signal (RFU) between the evidence types (p < 0.001).

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