Experience-Based Reflections on the Blended Learning Pedagogical Approach in Higher Education

Chandan, Kirpa, Kealey, Carmel, Timpson, Patrick and Murphy, Brian (2023) Experience-Based Reflections on the Blended Learning Pedagogical Approach in Higher Education. In: Higher Education - Reflections From the Field. IntechOpen.

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.5772/intechopen.109471


This chapter reflects upon the blended learning approach involving the delivery of a work-based, competency-focused programme in higher education. Based on their experience, the authors present the various approaches taken to deliver an optimal blended model for this programme type in the domain of Hearing Aid Audiology. Synchronous and asynchronous online learning are appraised and strategies to encourage learner engagement are explored. Advantages and limitations of the blended approach are considered, including the external factors which can influence outcomes in blended programmes. The chapter also discusses how the rapid, unplanned, upskilling of a high percentage of academic staff to deliver online programmes during the Covid-19 global pandemic has resulted in a cohort of highly experienced academics now proficient in online delivery. This upskilling has contributed to more efficient online delivery in the post-pandemic era. The impact of this upskilling of both the learners (through increased digital literacy) and academics has created an educational ecosystem with more universities embarking on the delivery of blended learning programmes or fully online programmes. This positive outcome in the post-pandemic era may have an impact on the future delivery of programmes in the WBL space, adopting a blended learning approach, and incorporating online learning.

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