Characterisation of Splashing from Jet to Rotating Solid

Tookey, Harry, Adeniyi, Akinola orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-0768-9341 and Vengadasalam, Kirijen (2023) Characterisation of Splashing from Jet to Rotating Solid. In: Lubricants, Tribology and Condition Monitoring (LUBMAT 2023), 17th-19th July 2023, Preston.

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The interaction between a jet and a solid is of key importance in a multitude of systems and is the key to minimizing and containing any splashing that occurs at the point of impact and any subsequent droplets within the system. The ability of characterizing the results of the impact and look at how operating conditions and geometry affect droplet formation.
A rig has been made that allows for the interaction between the blade profiles and the jet to be observed using high-speed camera imagery that has allowed the characterization of any droplets and splashing that occurs. The rig allows for varying rotational speeds of the blade, and varying flow rates through the nozzle which has allowed for a parametric study to be conducted allowing for a greater understanding of the jet to solid impact and how different operating conditions affect the quantity and distribution of different categories identified as part of the characterization.

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