International Religious Rights and Standards

Taylorian, Brandon Reece orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-2632-5642 (2023) International Religious Rights and Standards. Technical Report. The Religious Recognition Report, Preston, Lancashire.

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The principal finding of the doctoral research of Cometan (a.k.a. Brandon Reece Taylorian) was that the ways governments, both authoritarian and democratic, use their powers to recognise religions and beliefs and register religious or belief organisations is negatively impacting conditions of freedom of religion or belief. Cometan explored the range of recognition and registration issues plaguing religious freedom and other human rights and discovered that there lacks a definitive set of international standards to address some of the granular topics that are causing registration procedures in particular to become onerous and thus impedimental to the free and legal exercise of religion or belief. Cometan's International Religious Rights and Standards (IRRS) document presents a series of standards for how nation states ought to develop their recognition and registration policies and practices to remain FoRB-compliant. The standards of the IRRS document have been created based on the results of Cometan's PhD research, the thesis for which is titled Religious Freedom and State Recognition of Belief. Cometan's intention is that the IRRS document will encourage international organisations like the OSCE and the United Nations as well as national and international human rights courts such as the ECtHR to establish more detailed and country-specific guidelines to address the breath of registration issues and the recognition issues that often worsen such issues.


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Glossary of abbreviations
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Structure of standards
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Part 1: Preregistration standards
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Part 2: Registration procedure standards
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Part 3: Postregistration standards
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Part 4: Recognition standards
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Glossary of RoRB terms
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