Force feedback temperature control for hot-tool plastic foam cutting.

Brooks, Hadley Laurence orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-9289-5291 and Aitchison, David (2010) Force feedback temperature control for hot-tool plastic foam cutting. Journal Of Engineering Manufacture - Part B, 224 (5). pp. 709-719. ISSN 0954-4054

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This paper presents the ideation of a force feedback temperature control system for advanced hot-tool plastic foam cutting systems. With respect to other controllers, the force feedback temperature control strategy is simple to apply given that it modulates the electrical power input independent of the predetermined tool path and feed rate. The control strategy is implemented by making a series of one-dimensional cuts with a hot wire. The electrical power input to the hot wire is modulated to provide constant tool temperature. Since the cutting force and kerf width are both dependent on the tool temperature, maintaining a constant tool temperature results in consistent cut surface characteristics. The force feedback temperature control theory and its practical implementation in one dimension are presented as well as an accurate description of the cutting process. Experimental results are presented to validate both theoretical assumptions and practical benefits. A number of barriers to implementation for three-dimensional sculpting are discussed with possible solutions. The experimental results validate the predictions that force feedback temperature control is an effective control method for hot-tool plastic foam cutting.

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