A study into the Feasibility of Urban Agriculture in Preston City.

Rawcliffe, Alexander Brian (2013) A study into the Feasibility of Urban Agriculture in Preston City. [Dissertation]

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This study into urban agriculture is primarily an attempt to assess the feasibility of an alternative agricultural system in a city such as Preston. Global issues regarding social, economic and environmental insecurity threaten the current, unsustainable way of life in all countries. The key to sustainability begins with grass roots projects which mitigate the potential impacts of climate change, malnutrition (obesity in the developed world), poverty (both psychological and material) and the overall health and well-being of society and the environment.
The study involves a query into the lives of allotment owners in Preston, and how the current economic crisis is affecting them. Findings include a range of mixed results, with some allotment owners unaffected by the recession, whilst others have been forced to adapt to the situation by changing their lifestyles and altering their farming practices. Changes in allotment ownership demographics are also witnessed, with the younger generations reportedly gaining a growing interest in allotment ownership. Employing organic methods appeared to be a low priority amongst many allotment owners, although contributing to the environment and supporting local wildlife appears to be common practice.

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