Typography: Getting the hang of web typography

Stockle, Talita and Rogerson, Andrew, eds. (2012) Typography: Getting the hang of web typography. Smashing Magazine, Freiburg, Germany. ISBN 978-3-943075-07-6

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Script is one of the oldest cultural assets. The first attempts at written expressions date back more than 5,000 years ago. From the Sumerians cuneiform writing to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in Medieval Germany up to today՚s modern desktop publishing it՚s been along way that has left its impact on the current use and practice of typography.
Even though we neither cut nor set metal types any longer we still use terms like uppercase and lowercase letters referring to drawers in which types were kept or – in German – use expressions like Schriftschnitt (English =typeface) which refers to the cutting of individual types. On the other hand, most of the people who deal with typography in their daily lives, whether they are graphic or web designers have no special training for this independent craft.
The implications of desktop publishing have led to a flood of poorly designed brochures, flyers and web pages. In web design especially illegible text, incorrect use of punctuation marks and inappropriate font combinations or use of line widths are frequent. The new techniques thatweb fonts offer – much hailed by some and dreaded by others – might bring about even worse examples of ugly and illegible web typography.
In order to avoid this, we have put together Smashing Magazine՚s best articles on web typography with one additional article series and glossary in eBook form for you as reference work and inspiration. Have fun creating even better Web sites with beautiful and readable rich web typography!

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