Novice LGBTQ+ Scholars’ Practices in Writing for Scholarly Publication

Mcculloch, Sharon orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-4022-2428 (2024) Novice LGBTQ+ Scholars’ Practices in Writing for Scholarly Publication. Routledge. ISBN 9781032227870 (In Press)

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This collection brings together perspectives from early-career LGBTQ+ scholars as they navigate the scholarly publishing landscape, highlighting their experiences and challenges toward providing greater representation within the academic community and existing scholarship. // The volume reflects on the ways in which scholarly output is intricately linked with scholarly identity and the challenges LGBTQ+ scholars face when their scholarly and gender and sexual identities can often seem to be in conflict. The book showcases perspectives from doctoral students and early-career scholars from around the world working across different disciplines, supported by case studies, autoethnographic narratives, and discourse analysis, to explore key issues facing those who identify as LGBTQ+ or who wish to research and publish on topics relating to gender and sexual identity. These include negotiating positionality, the role of writing styles in identity construction for queer scholars, the ways in which publishing gatekeepers perpetuate heteronormativity, and the part support networks play for researchers. // The book gives voice to a wider range of scholars toward creating a more inclusive publishing environment and will be of interest to students and researchers who identify as LGBTQ+ and those working in such fields as applied linguistics, English for academic purposes, queer theory, and gender studies.


Section title
Section author
About scholarly publication and early-career LGBTQ+ scholars
McCulloch, Sharon
Fighting for authenticity along the LGBTQ+ journey towards scholarly publication: Is it time for a queering of academic literacies?
Ross, Micky
Blooming with Brazilian queer studies: Reflecting on experiences of co-authoring and publishing with LGBTQ+ academics
Luan Carpes Barros Cassal
The perpetuation of heteropatriarchal dynamics in scholarly gatekeeping: Analysing reviewers’ feedback from the perspective of LGBTQ+ early-career-scholars
Helena Torres-Purroy and Sònia Mas-Alcolea
Marginalising the marginalised: Challenges of embarking on LGBTQ+-related research for publication
Jamie David Hopkin and Victoria Barnett-Simpson
Support networks and open discussions about academic publishing: Dealing with difficult data and (potential) collaborators
Frazer Heritage
Living straight, writing queer: Experiences with academic publishing as a closeted Indian woman
Arunima Theraja
Coming out as queer: Troubling the strictures for early-career researchers in academic publishing
Tierney Marey
Researching and publishing on African sexualities: Methods and challenges
Zanele Nyoni-Wood
Academic publishing as a novice lesbian scholar: An intersectional experience
Mabel Encinas
Conclusion and final thoughts
Sharon McCulloch

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