Using a Freirean approach within the Global Youth Solutions programme

Ali, Yasmeen (2018) Using a Freirean approach within the Global Youth Solutions programme. In: Paulo Freire and Transformative Education: Changing Lives and Transforming Communities. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 203-214. ISBN 9781137542496

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The ethos of the Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership is to engage, empower and enable young people in finding and fulfilling their true potential.

In order to achieve this, the Centre has largely based its teaching methods on the work of Paulo Freire. Freire (cited in McLaren and Leonard, 2004) offers a system where the power of learning is shifted from the tutor to the student. This shift in power is a way of providing the students with the opportunity to empower themselves through their own learning. The role of the tutor is to purely facilitate the sessions to ensure learning is taking place however the learning is guided by the students. Murphy (2008, Cited in Hall et al 2008, p 32) argues that according to Freire’s perspective the role of the teacher is not to only facilitate the sessions however to pose problems about ‘codified existential situations in order to help learners arrive at a more critical view of their reality.’ Allowing the students to take control of the power of learning in a critical manner enables them to achieve critical awareness and break away from the ‘culture of silence.’ (Fritze, year unknown) It will also allow the young people to develop a self-awareness which will free them to be more than just ‘passive objects.’ (Fritze, year unknown)

This paper will explore the Freirean approach adopted within the Global Youth Solutions programme by identifying which aspects of the programme allow the facilitators to act for change through critical thinking. It will also look at the whether or not the programme provides the participants an opportunity to break away from the ‘culture of silence.’

Aronowitz (1993, cited in McLaren & Leonard, 1993, p 8) states that it is not rare for teachers to say they are using Freirean methods within their teaching styles however what they mean by this is vague. Similarly the Global Youth Solutions programme is adopting the methods of Freire however there is no clear evidence of its impact and how the methods are implemented. This study will help identify and determine the methods as well as identify if this shift in power from teacher to student is only in the classroom or does it extent to a broader social context. This will also help inform the teaching and learning methods within the Centre.

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